Basically, I am highly interested in getting into what I believe can be called "Mechanical Design" as a career. By this I mean, machinery design, automation, mining equipment, etc, as I feel this is a viable career path for work both in Aus and overseas.

I have a Bachelor of Industrial Design and a Post-grad Diploma in Industrial Design (4 years total) from QUT.

Obviously I need Mechanical Engineering qualifications for the work I would like to do, however I am confused as to the best method to do this.

Originally I planned undertake a regular Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at QUT with an Industrial Design minor (of which I will get credit for).

This would then be a 3.5 year course as I get 1 semester worth of credit (where-in I would hope to do the 0.5 year as a summer semester, and graduate after 3 full years, however I am waiting to hear from QUT if that is allowed with them, and I guess with EA for accreditation).

I was fine with this method, having 2 separate Bachelors, until I discovered the University of Melbourne Masters of Engineering option.

With this option, I can undertake the 1 year 'bridging' year, and then a 2 year Masters program. From what I can tell from unit outlines, each unit in this course is of a higher level/workload than a regular bachelor.

Additionally, I do feel that the 1st year is sufficiently in depth to prepare me for the masters program, and the units offered in the Masters program rival that of the QUT program, and look to be more indepth and focused. (WOULD LIKE YOUR OPINON ON THAT)

I am not looking towards doing the Masters degree over the Bachelor degree out of ignorance just for a title, more-so I feel I am in more of unique position, where I can graduate with a Masters of Eng and stand out a little from the much much larger Bach of Eng crowd.

Granted my knowledge may not be much more, and employers may recognise this (mostly the larger engineering companies who are tied into universities and grad programs alot more).

But not only do I feel it would help with overseas work etc, but if there is NO NEGATIVE of taking this Masters over a QUT Bachelor, then I think it seems to be worth it?

Have talked alot on forums with extremely mixed results, people advising that having 2 side by side bachelors is a waste of time and to get a masters, with others saying employers will see the masters as a 'shortcut' of sorts and an unwarranted degree, and prefer to hire students from Bachelor programs they have hired from previously.

Finally, if there is any institution that I have overlooked (UQ, RMIT, whatever) that is focused alot more on Mechanical Design, whilst I have the Product Design skills, I feel without a doubt I would take a highly foucsed design Bachelor over any other.

I understand this is a lot to read but I am quite at a loss as to where to start, and do not want to regret my lack of planning now.

Thank you soo much in advance,

If you have any other suggestions for places to get advice on this, that would be amazing!