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Thread: Petroleum Engineering

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    Petroleum Engineering

    Im currently completing my HSC and wanted to ask a few questions about Petroleum engineering
    Im interested in studying Petroleum and was wondering if UNSW is the only uni available to study at?
    Im not sure if ill make the 92 Atar requirement and was wondering if you knew of any other ways to enter the course ? (Enter a lower atar course and transfer, try through FEAS, ect)
    I was also wondering what future job opportunities are like and if there will still be jobs in the future and where in Australia or overseas?
    Also any other things that people wish they would have known before they enrolled
    Thankyou for your time.

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    Re: Petroleum Engineering

    As far as I know there aren't many jobs for petroleum in Australia.

    I spoke to one of my friends yesterday who works in engineering recruiting and he told me the following about Australia and NZ:
    1. EE is mostly High Voltage and installation work (very little electronics)
    2. Biomedical has poor job prospects (basically ResMed, Cochlear and a couple other places like clinical settings etc)
    3. Chemical is mostly process engineering and he just told me, "don't"
    4. Civil is in demand (structural, geotechnical, water, environmental etc)
    5. Fire engineering is in demand (I think that's mechanical but look it up, I wasn't as interested)
    6. Software falls under IT not engineering
    7. Very little job prospects in renewables
    8. Manufacturing and automotive is almost non existent.

    I didn't ask about mechatronic/petroleum/telco/industrial chem/surveying (I assume surveying is in demand cause it falls under civil), but this is the situation atm and I'm assuming in the nearer future.

    I believe UNSW is the only place in NSW where you can study petroleum engineering.
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