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Thread: IntStudies at UNSW or IT/IntStudies at UTS?

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    IntStudies at UNSW or IT/IntStudies at UTS?

    Hey guys,

    So I accepted an offer for single degree IntStudies at UNSW, but am now conflicted if I should wait for second round offers for a offer into dual degree IT/IntStudies at UTS.

    I have heard from all my friends and seniors that a single degree that is IntStudies isn't that appealing to employers. I acknowledge myself that a dual degree of IT/IntStudies sounds way more promising than a single glorified arts degree.

    Now, UNSW obviously has the prestige and name over UTS, but UTS offers a more appealing course to me, and I don't really fancy the double degrees UNSW has to offer with IntStudies.

    For the lesser factors that I am thinking about, is that a good portion of my friends are doing some of the same courses I would do if i went UTS, but in UNSW, couple of old friends that I would love to get back in touch with are doing International studies. There is also exchange options, as UNSW offers universities like TokyoU and WasedaU in Japan, while UTS doesn't, again, having to do with prestige and name. Is prestige more important to employers or degree?

    A even less factor is that olympics are in 2020 Japan, and UTS does their exchanges in fourth year

    Which course should I go in? My passion is basically languages and computing.

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    Re: IntStudies at UNSW or IT/IntStudies at UTS?

    Mate, your heart seems set on UTS. Go to UTS. No point wasting your time at UNSW if you don't really want to be there or if they don't offer the courses that you want.
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