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Thread: Should I continue with Civil Engineering?

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    Should I continue with Civil Engineering?

    Hi Everyone,

    The following is a bit long as I provide some specific details.

    I turned 22 this year and currently doing a Civil Engineering Degree. I am doing second year subjects. This is my dilema: I have exams beginning in about two weeks and I am not sure if I will be able to pass the 2 out of 3 courses I am doing this semester.

    Bit of background information: I started Mechanical Engineering degree in my first year at University doing part time study (I was recovering from spontaneous pneumothorax surgery) and second year I did 3 subjects. After I looked at information for jobs in Mechanical Engineering and attended Engineering job information session at University, I realised that Mech is not what I wanted to do. I changed to Civil Engineering and started Civil in my 3 year of University. In that year, second semester, I failed two courses (due to laziness and being unmotivated I had ran out of time to study for first exam. Same reason for second exam + feeling demotivated knowing I failed the first exam). This year first semester (fourth year at Uni) I did pretty good in my subjects (helped by the fact that I had past assignments and past exam papers). This second semester I am in right now, I am not sure if I am going to pass two of my courses/exam that will begin the next week after. Also, the two courses are both splitting in two courses next year due to the new program being introduced. This will create more headache if I fail the course or courses.

    Problem is that partially am not motivated due to not really liking Civil Engineering and partially due to bad old habits from high school carrying over (old habits die hard). This I believe has contributed to the fails last year and feeling demotivated right now. I cannot think of what I want to do once I graduate from Civil Engineering. I am not sure if I am interested in Civil Engineering jobs.

    My plan of attack right now is to study and just try to pass all my courses this semester. Then if I fail or pass, work out what I should do next. I typed up this thread because I wanted to get this of my chest as I am very frustrated and upset at my patheticness. I have messed up pretty bad and feeling really lost right now. I am thinking that after I get my results my feelings maybe different. If I pass I am likely to continue Civil and try to stop laziness and focus much better for next year Civil subjects or I might still decide to change degrees. If I fail one or both courses, then I think I would definitely feel demotivated to continue as this would add extra time and feeling like I really shouldn't be doing engineering. Plus I don't have much job experience besides working at my dad's cafe for a bit.

    If I decide to change degrees, I am thinking of doing Computer Science (I looked at the handbook and I found some interesting majors I could see myself doing and programming seems interesting) or Radiography (I found anatomy quite interesting and I have to my cousin about her work as Radiographer). Also, would be easier to get a job and be able to schedule it better than doing job whilst doing engineering degree. I have read in some forums about radiography and computer sci not having good job prospects which is a bummer. I will look at other degrees as well but those two right now I have entertained in my thoughts. Might go to career advisor and course coordinators regarding the degrees. Changing degrees, however, would mean that I have wasted 4 years doing Engineering at Uni, added more years to University and racked up unnecessary debt and added debt from starting new degree etc.

    Any guidance and experience you can share will be appreciated as I feel so lost and feeling pathetic right now. Thank you for reading my long post.

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    Re: Should I continue with Civil Engineering?

    What made you switch from Mechanical to specifically Civil?

    If you switched to Computer Science or Radiography, could you see yourself asking these same questions in 2 years time?

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