I'm located in central victoria and i'd like to study Laws and arts (international security/relations/politics/human rights) next year.

I'm trying to make a choice between studying Law and International Security Studies at ANU or Law and Arts at Monash and trying to tailor the art degree as close as I can to the ISS degree at ANU.

While the ANU one is my like *dream* sorta course, i have a few reservations
- i'd be moving interstate away from all my friends and a solid social life as most of the kids from my school go to monash
- i'd be moving far away from my small, regionally located so therefore quite tightknit family
- i applied for lena karmel at unilodge at anu as i am a rural kid and prefer a bit of piece and quiet and i'm low key wishing now i hadnt based on all of the comments about college. I also applied for the apartment-style housing at monash for the same reason but i'm less concerned about social life there due to pre-existing friendship groups etc.

I'd like to ideally work for ASIO or in that sort of field, not so much as a practicing lawyer. but i'd like those skills in case i decide that is the more lucrative path.

so, i'd love some opinions about the structure of the law degrees at the two unis, the international relations/politics majors at Monash, or any advice from anyone doing either course, or just any basic info about student life at either.