Hey Guys,
I got into Advanced Science (Hons) at UNSW but having concerns about the job prospects of this degree.
I have read some of the threads here posted by ppl graduated from Bachelor of Sci/Adv Sci and it just seems like science related jobs are low in demand.
Some of the ppl I know who is studying science intended to get jobs in research or academia which requires further study (e.g. master, PhD), and some of the ppl studied science just transfer to other courses due to the low job market of this field/the low paying jobs they got. Anyone here have gone down a different route and got a decent job without having to be relocated to another country??
I intended to choose biotechnology as my major but it seems really hard to get a job in Australia so I changed my mind by considering majoring in statistics as I've heard that mathematical/statistical background will probably appreciated by some companies?
So I've been discouraged by ppl around, thinking about transfering to Computer Science (which seems like it is high in demand and will probably got me high salary?
Any replies will be appreciated!! Thanks!!!