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Thread: Law and Business at UTS or Bachelor of Economics at UNSW

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    Law and Business at UTS or Bachelor of Economics at UNSW

    Which degree will give me a competitive advantage for a finance position in banks or financial companies?

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    Re: Law and Business at UTS or Bachelor of Economics at UNSW


    When you apply for grad jobs, there will be others who did the same degree as you. There are only a few positions. Having a degree is seen as a requirement, not an advantage for alot of employers. So ask yourself better questions.

    What skills would I need to have to get such a position? What attitude would help me? What marks would help me reach my goals? What work experience do I need? Are my reasoning skills up to scratch?

    To get a job at a financial company, especially top tier- you really need to accomplish alot. The debates about 'UTS or UNSW' ultimately reach a block-end, because even if you go to the highest ranking uni in NSW and do the course with the highest ATAR, if your resume sucks, if you don't have the work experience / right attitude- your application won't be successful. Don't waste valuable time looking for a shortcut.

    Do you have any interest in law? Business law? Can you see yourself spending 5 years at uni for undergraduate? Or perhaps a Commerce / Business degree with honours could work in your favour. Think hard.

    This is a question only you can answer. You are the one who is doing the study, not us. And I presume you are paying for the degree. So its your choice, not ours.
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