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Thread: Secondary Education at La Trobe Bendigo & HECS loan

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    Secondary Education at La Trobe Bendigo & HECS loan

    Hi everyone! I recently withdrew from studying nursing at VU, mainly becuase nursing just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I'm currently studying Pathology Collection so I can get a good job, but I still want to go to university for a career. Most of my life I wanted to be a science teacher and I'm looking at La Trobe Bendigo. I live almost directly in between the Bundoora and Bengido campuses, but I feel like the drive to Bendigo would be easier. Has anyone attended this campus? How's the community, etc? At VU it was non-existent, no groups or clubs, hardly any academic support for students, very small. University community life isn't a need but it'd be great to have. I also don't know much about the course yet either, what's it like? Difficultly level (not sure if that's applicable - are all courses as difficult as each other?).

    I'm also wondering about HECS - I racked up a $12,000 balance over the last couple years. Assuming I'm still eligable (20, no job, no completed courses, AU citizen). Is there a limit for how much you can spend on HECS or do you just have to pay larger increments once you get a job?


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    Re: Secondary Education at La Trobe Bendigo & HECS loan


    Okay, first things first- you are still eligible for HECs. There is a limit on FEE-HELP, but none for HECs (I think). So you are fine. When I started my uni degree (I'm 23) I started when I was 22 and I already had around $10,000 in debt. So I wouldn't stress about that.

    I've never been to La Trobe- but it is a respected university. So give it a go? I also recommend you see whether there are any community (not university based) social workers or counsellors so you always have someone to turn to if things go sour. They can help you with unbiased advice as they are not associated with the university, so you can talk to them about anything really.

    I wish you luck, and do further research, see if you know any La Trobe students who can answer your question.
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