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Thread: Need some guidance ASAP

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    Need some guidance ASAP

    I've finished my HSC last year (2017), and wanted to do Med/Dent but my UMAT score wasnt enough. I started uni this year doing combined actuary and commerce at UNSW but then decided to drop math1151 to focus on UMAT. As of now, i am studying microeconomics, accounting and finance. I'm looking to apply for undergrad med/dent all around Australia, and i know i need a high GPA. However, with semester 2 approaching, i realised that commerce subjects are not my thing and actually unbearable to study.
    In case i dont do med/dent next year, i also plan to apply for optom and physio.
    My problem is that im uncertain of what to do next semester, I heard that transferring degrees in sem2 means that your sem1 marks dont account for in your WAM/GPA you receive at the end of sem2. (or do they count as my free electives)
    My main concern is; if im unable to get into any med/dent or physio/optom next year, ill be stuck in a course i cant find any motivation to study for for another semester next year.
    Basically (my question): Should i transfer into commerce/science next semester and just grind through it, or pick an easier degree to get a high WAM/GPA

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    Re: Need some guidance ASAP

    You should be able to transfer after sem 1 to clinical optom at unsw with your atar (assuming it’s 97+ since you’re in actuary)
    If not, I wouldn’t recommend transferring courses but if you can’t bear it, maybe transfer to vision science (which has 96 cut off) and can do clinical optom after that
    2017 HSC
    USYD bsci/adv stud (neuro prog)

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