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Thread: Notre Dame OR WSU to UTS

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    Notre Dame OR WSU to UTS

    Hey guys!

    I'm starting university next year (2019) and I'm in a rut choosing between two offers and then transfer to UTS for my second year, since I didn't get a good ATAR (not even kidding).
    I got an offer from the University of Notre Dame to study Bachelor of Communications and Media (majoring in Advertising) and another offer from Western Syd. Uni. to study the Diploma of Media and Communication (Extended- 16 months).
    At UTS, I want to study Bachelor of Communication (Public Communications) in the Public Relations stream. However, either courses don't seem to make it easier for me, unless I'm wrong. For the Notre Dame offer, the major i chose was for advertising but I can do a second major (Public Relations) but that seems a bit too much work in one year to complete both. For WSU, I'm not sure about the 16 months situation as I don't know if I could just do 12 months of the diploma then transfer or I must complete 16 months to transfer.
    Someone help me out?
    Notre Dame or WSU?

    P.S. I did get an offer from the UTS Insearch program but can't accept since it's too damn expensive.

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    Re: Notre Dame OR WSU to UTS

    I'd probably go with the one that is a bachelor (the Notre Dame) one. Have a look at both the UTS and Notre Dame subject suggestions for the first year or two and do the subjects that sound similar as you may be able to get recognition. Focus on getting a mid credit (or distinction + ) average so transfer prospects are higher.
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