I'm currently considering attending ANU but didn't get guaranteed accomodation (applied a day late) and worried that i may not get it if i put anu as my first preference. Have already accepted a BSc/BAdvStudies (Dalyell w math sciences) at usyd but not really set on it. So Q is, do USYD/UNSW (pref USYD) have all their courses in the 25th Jan offer round or do i risk missing out on selection in some courses if I don't apply in the 11th offer round (my atars v competitive for most courses so it's just an issue of whether there are courses where all spots have been taken already - atar 98.85)? Basically I'd plan to put ANU as my first pref and see if i get offered accomodation and if not apply to USYD/UNSW or is that risk simply not worth it?