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“Institutions shape the way that individuals understand them self” Monim Rana.
Institutions mould individuals, limiting them to their own personal domains ultimately to adhere to conformity, complying to the unfair nature of institutions. The turbulent force of pre-established rules and boundaries disrupt every facet of individuals lives as the suffer the consequences of not belonging. This is profoundly manifested in the novel “Raw” by Scott Monk and the famous song “Sucker for Pain” by Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne both explore the notion that institutions shape the way individuals preserve themselves and the world around them. In the novel “Raw” the main protagonist Brett Dalton a truant teenager who is captive by a correctional facility. The restrictions imposed on Brett by Sam, allows Brett to embrace change and offers him to conform in order to taste self-actualization. Through counters Brett attain understandings in which he assimilates with laws imposed by Sam. The song “Sucker for pain” also demonstrates the persona struggle within himself and alludes to craving for something the evenly has it’s consequence, however the persona himself inflicts situational pain to confine them of their of free will. An imperative in both texts is that outline and identify how limitations of institutions and the conflicting interests of individuals. Through, these texts institutions are noted to shape individuals as they render them out their individuality and inflict a sense of change on the persona character as the main purpose of institutions is to diminish anarchy and disorderly behaviour. The Nature of one relationship with the institutions can impact one’s ability to rehabilitate and develop a positive perception of their sense of self.
The maintenance of order and legal observance of society are the prime reason as to why institutions are established, to verify the social values are upheld are morally and ethically acceptable , invisibly forcing individuals to comply and conform to authority. As a result of one being Institutionalised, they are victimised by regulations . In the memorable novel “Raw” by Scott Monk which mirrors the influences of the ‘Farm’ on the protagonist Brett which, elucidates the struggles between individuality and conformity. The limitations imposed on Brett detours him from his own personal identity. The collective body of the ‘Farm’ metaphorically connotes and symbolically depicts a place which offers individuals to contemplate and introspect, in literal terms farms are place of confining animals. This ironic as Brett’s actions are non the less of animals “He’d have to raid the fridge when everyone was asleep instead. No problem” the savage actions of Brett represents his own personal will which breaks the rules associated with farm this depicts Brett himself is an obstacle which repels him from conforming.Through, the introductions of rules “we have four rules here,” the collective and inclusive term ‘we’ indicates that rules are set on all inmates despite their individual circumstances which reflects institutions force individuals to conform which diminishes freedoms and liberties of inmates, in specific Brett. Moreover, this mirrors the attitude of society in Mount Druitt as they disrespect law enforcements officers giving them names which diminish humanism “debt collectors” and “pigs” the negative connotations connotes society pressure to conform and the adhesive effect of society on young individuals such as Brett, the societal norms ultimately have shaped Brett’s rebellious character and to way he preserves the world around him. The authority over Brett imposed by Sam is depicted in the scene where Brett and Josh get into a physical altercation, “Brett forgot the pain and lunged clumsily at josh. He had to win!”, this indicates that individuals cannot be forced into change by institutions as they must reflect on their own attitude and arrange their emotions which are dependent and bound individuals themselves, however are influenced greatly by society which in itself is an institution which effectively diminish individuals of true peace. The binary nature between individuals and society contributes to individuals understand their themselves, Brett’s negative statement “the world hates you, why not hate it back”, this verifies Brett’s negativity which dwells within in him, which is somewhat ironic how this is what has destroyed Brett’s intimate relationships. Hence, the nature of society imposes obstacle which are manifest in Brett’s character, institutions can impact one’s outlook on life which prevents them from developing a positive perception of their sense of self.

The influences of a society dominating individuals to conform and accept the restrictive domains of institutions have a significant influences on individuals sense of self. The negative implications is explicitly mirrored in the song; “sucker for pain” as it underpins the divesting effects on institutions. The aberrations of society are acknowledged are used to define the personas why of living “I torture you, Take my hand through the flames” metaphorically represents the antagonistic nature of society, the fact that’s it is second persona suggests the personas alienation and isolation caused by society pressures. The flame symbolizes the destructive nature of society and further connotes a biblical allusion whereby it reinforces the implications of society on individuals ultimately burning them in the fire of hell. The fact the persona uses ‘hand’ to go through the flames intricately and metaphorically depict the yin and yang energy which suggest the persona loneliness and isolation as they now observe the state of introspection. The paradoxical effects of society are depicted through second person statement “I wanna chain you up, I wanna tie you down”, the characterization of the persona represents his cynical attitude towards jails which is ironic as the persona choose to place himself in metaphorical jail. The chain is symbolic of the connection the people have society and the further elucidates that it demarginalizes them from attaining personal liberties, the use of word choice ‘tie’ which is associated with knots depicts the closed nature of society and connotes lack of opportunities, which mirrors the reason as to why the persona is alienated. The pressure affiliated with being a non-conformist to societal norms is represented through idiomatic and melodramatic state “So we put the world on our shoulders”, the fact that the persona has no choice is to reinforce the divesting effects of institutions on individuals sense of self as they embody characteristics of outlaws and outcasts. The turbulence imposed by society makes persona come to the realization of them being a “Sucker for pain”, the pun infers that the persona enjoys his current state over which highlights his sentiments of being a non-confirming, the fact that he rather have pain inflicted on him connotes that he would to such extent to ensure individuality, the binary of “sucker” and “pain” allows the responder to draw the connection that the persona is being sucked from his personal liberties and freedoms which has mental impact as he shows signs of schizophrenia which reinforce the persona terminating himself from the world. The combinations of social conformity and the persona insanity contributes to their overall understanding of themselves as the have tangent connection with reality, the self-awareness of the persona is essentially connected with society as it offers them situational acceptance of their personal state.
Individuals live their lives bound and dependent what is shown to them as being correct and true, that is how they define themselves as a person. Reality is shown to be realizations discovered by a mirage of obstacles an is simplified and shaped by the Brett’s personal beliefs in the novel Raw by Scott Monk . The positive reinforcement of the ‘ Farm’ to Brett’s personal discovery depicts that institutions shape the way individuals understand themselves as the accept reality over their personal definition of reality. Due to Brett’s experience at the farm he now uncovers his true identity and removes the ‘act’ he displayed to Sam and the other inmates prior to his shift in nature. The scene where Brett is playing a game of footy and is playing well despite the fact he thinks he is not good at footy, “There were farmers shopkeepers, neighbours, preachers, cops, teachers, friends, relatives of the farm”. The accumulative listing depicts the support Brett has attained. Brett playing a fame with his inmates, reflects the he has change due to his interaction in the institution as prior to this point he is shown to rude and oblivious of other people feelings. The Accumulative listing represents the diverse range of people he has developed an intimate relationship and sense of community is established that Brett grows fond of this underpins that institutions bring new insights into one’s life as they halt negative behaviour. Through, the positive course of action taken by Brett which highlights his self-initiative to change and betterment of self, “(The other guys no longer posted on his doors now that he knew the rules)”. The deliberate use of past tense indicates that Brett’s actions and character have changed as a result of his experiences and changing circumstances at the farm. In Addition as shown in the blurb, “love” has changed him and motivated him to improve his actions and behavior to change the stigma about troubled individuals in the sights of Caitlyn’s farther. However, other inmates at the farm have not achieved the same kind of success as Brett and far from success and liberty, the young inmate Frog becomes a victim of trauma due to the events that unfolded at the rodeo, “The kid still possessed the same haunted look he’d had since the rodeo”. The dark descriptive language and the adjective “haunted” indicates trauma inflicted upon Robbie, the fact that trauma is ongoing form the event suggests the Robbie has post-traumatic stress disorder. The sad nature behind this is it may have been built up as Frog was easy target amongst other inmates which reinforces, that intuitions are established with the intent to rehabilitate inmates, however some inmates abuse the good nature of the institution leaving other inmates emotionally unstable. The bitter scene where Brett gets into a fight with Caitlyn reflects that when one experiences or has a fight with someone they love will face many emotional obstacles and may get angry and take out their frustration despite that fact the on whom the release it on is most dear to them. This is most prominently shown the scene where “Gritting his teeth, he got as far as lifting his face to shout everyone down before being hauled off his belly by Sam”, Brett’s fight with Caitlyn has catalyst his outlandish emotion of anger whereby it depicts Brett when he first arrived at the farm. The breakdown Brett is bestowed upon possess as challenge as he now struggles to bridge over his breakup. This validates that institutions try and provide facilities to improve one’s character, however it is up to the individual to embrace change as they are responsible for themselves, Brett upon attaining this new fond realisation attempts to embrace change. This practice has shaped Brett as individual as he now develops bonds with other inmates and is able to acknowledge the dearness the dwell within his parents.
Conclusively, the nature of one’s relationship with the institution has a prominent impact one’s ability of self-awareness and self-recognition as institutions have a several influences on individuals which ultimately allow them venture and attain the relisation of understanding them self. In the novel Raw Brett comes to the relisation that through the farm offering him opportunities for self-growth he is able to open up his domains as now understands himself more than he did prior to the sentence. The song “Sucker for pain” is melodramatic text which address the extent of conforming to societal norms as the persona has go through flames ultimately at the end they acknowledges in a bizarre manner that they place the world pressure on their shoulders which shows the persona thinks beyond the realm of the word, the fact the want the pain shows the persona insane state. Both texts assess the intent to which individuals institutions shape the way they understand themselves, the implications of the institutions on individuals which can be positive or negatively received depending on the purpose of the and structure of the institution.