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Thread: Will dropping to standard english affect my ATAR that much? (read)

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    Question Will dropping to standard english affect my ATAR that much? (read)

    My subjects (recent assessment marks):
    Biology 90%
    Chemistry 90%
    Physics 94%
    English Advanced 75%
    Mathematics Extension I HSC 98%
    Mathematics HSC 97%
    Dance 80%

    As you can see, I'm doing pretty decent in my subjects (I'm dropping Dance fo sho and picking up Ext 2 Maths in year 12)
    However, Im getting a miserable 75% in Advanced english and I'm afraid I might be one of the people who are forced to drop down to standard in year 12
    The thing is I was rank 5/200 for english in year 10 but i began to neglect it when year 11 started...because I got a whopping 45% in my first Ext 1 Maths assessment and spent all my blood, sweat and tears to bring it up to 98%. IF I drop to Standard (I fcking hope not) will I be able to get a state rank if I put my all?
    I'm hearing all these stories about how Standard has absoluted killed ATARs and how bad it is etc etc

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    Re: Will dropping to standard english affect my ATAR that much? (read)

    If you're being forced to drop then that's honestly something out of your control at the moment.

    It does by theory make a dent in your ATAR as the potential for scaling from doing Advanced is much greater than doing Standard. That being said, if you're looking for an optimistic answer I'd say smash Standard English and aim for a high band 6 and you'll do fine in terms of ATAR.

    If you're looking for a very optimistic answer, try your best to convince your teacher to let you stay in Advanced as you can do amazing things when you have the motivation to improve and your marks don't seem terrible at all.

    The most applicable answer you can get right now though is that 2 units of English definitely count so it is in your interest to do well for it.
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