Is it acceptable to use Mans Not Hot as my related?
An ORIGINAL analysis of Mans not hot by Roadman Shaq , and how it relates to the concepts of discovery (341 words).

When broaching the subject of journeys, there will be several points that are irrefutable and unchangeable regardless of time, place, social, political or economic setting. Journeys will always reflect the human self. That is, fluid, not static, ever changing and all flux and motion. Roadman Shaq’s interpretation of self-journey and discovery is interested in his new hit single ‘Mans not hot’. His song explores discovery as a journey, and each stage of his life, is reflective of the process in his song. Individual, world and social discovery is explored by him in his song, mainly through rhyme.
Social discovery, is the process in which an individual look beyond himself and consciously makes the decision to widen his scope of discovery to his influencers. Roadman Shaq effectively employs lyrical metaphor to embrace his social aspect in a metaphysical assumption. The use of ‘ad-libs, in “okay… big SHAQ, ol’ tight Asnee, Scoopnu, Ratnum, Oonsa… hold tight the girl them as well.” Clearly illustrate the presence of his social influence, thus he is encapsulating the notion of flux discovery, despite ‘FIRE IN TH BOOTH’ simply being a one man show. Further, the notion of social discovery and Shaq’s exploration is depicted in “I trap, trap, trap on the road, moving' that cornflakes”, where he is simply recalling the physical discovery, influenced by his social aspects of life. This is significant in terms of the flux within discovery as it bounds the concept of social influence in the journey of discovery. Finally, the lyrical metaphor of “Rice Krispie, hold tight my girl Whitney (perfect)” portrays the physical discovery of the ‘rice crispie’, and due to his appreciations, is is able to relate they joys of positive discovery to his social sibling: his girl ‘Whitney’. Thus it is clear that Roadman Shaq’s fire in the booth; Mans not hot, distinctly encapsulates the notion of flux within the boundaries of the social construct in the set paradigm.