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Thread: Moderator Application Form

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    Moderator Application Form

    Position details

    Moderators are users who are appointed to manage the day-to-day affairs of the BOS forums. This is a volunteer position and moderators are expected to remain active on the forums.

    Moderators are responsible for:

    • Moving, deleting, sticking and editing posts/threads

    • Addressing user concerns and queries

    • Maintaining a positive environment

    • Assisting in the development of the site's internal policies

    Application Process

    If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please complete the form located at the bottom of this thread and post it in the Contact Moderators Forum.

    Once you have applied, the team will consider your application and inform you of the outcome within 10 – 14 days.

    All applications are discussed collectively by the Moderating team and each moderator exercises their own personal vote for or against the application. The results of this vote, as well as the discussion, are used by the Senior Moderating team to make a final decision.

    If your application is denied, we encourage you to take our feedback on board and apply again at some point in the future (we recommend that you wait at least two months before reapplying).

    What we look for in applicants

    There is no set criteria or checklist used when deciding to appoint moderators. However, there are several factors which the team will consider during the application process. These factors include, but may not be exclusive to:

    • Whether the applicant has made a sustained and substantial contribution to the community.

    • The standing of the applicant in the community and amongst the existing moderators.

    • The demand for moderators in general and in the specific forums which the applicant wishes to moderate.

    • The infraction history of the applicant. It is important to note that whilst infractions will not help your application, they may not necessarily rule you out of contention. The team will consider the nature of the infraction(s) and when they were issued.

    • The content of the application itself.

    In addition, Moderators may also consider any other factors which they feel are relevant to your application.

    Moderator Application Form

    1. Your name and username.

    2. Forum(s) you are applying to moderate.

    3. What relevant experiences do you have in the areas of the forums you have applied for?

    4. How would you contribute to these forums and how (if applicable) would you work with the existing moderators of that forum?

    5. Why do you want to be a moderator?

    6. How would you help improve the site as a moderator?

    7. Outline the contributions which you have made to the forums and BOS Community.

    8. What experience do you have that is relevant to the moderator position?

    9. Do you have any further information you would like to add?
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