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Thread: How to improve my WAM??!

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    How to improve my WAM??!

    Hey guys,

    Well, to sum it up, my weighted average mark (WAM) is horrible. I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Science degree at UWA and it is safe to say, I haven't been doing as well as I hoped I would. I failed a couple of a unit in my first year, which led to my G.P.A to be about 3.8, and my WAM to be about 55. So in my second year, personal problems such as a break-up affected me really badly and to be honest, I think I failed two of my units and just passed the other two. So if I were to estimate my WAM at the moment, it would be 50, maybe even less due to the failed units.

    I am intending to enrol in a Master of Nursing Science – Coursework at UWA and they require you to have a 60 WAM as a hurdle. I know 60 is low and 'easy' for everyone. Because it looks like I have to aim for 90+ from now till graduation to even get 65.. if I calculated it properly. Other unis such as Curtin require you to have a WAM of 70, so I just need to find some way to push my WAM.

    How did you guys improve your WAM over your course? Did you overload? Undertake extra units during summer school? Further extend your university degree by 3-6 months? Do a diploma course?

    Tell me please.

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    Re: How to improve my WAM??!

    Seeing that this post is 2 years old, and you have probaly moved on, you may not use my advice. However this is for any current students with a low WAM/GPA. In my first semester, i did very poorly. So in the second, i came in with a plan. First thing i did was research the shit out of every subject. I would figure out what it was about, the requirements needed to pass and generally the overall 'feel' of the subject. Then, if i found out a course was particularly hard, i would try to mix it in with an easy subject, or just take 3 units that semester. This has increased my course time, however my WAM is much better. Spend at-least 4 hours a week going chapter by chapter for every subject, then use this information to pass. It's very simple. The more you understand whats easy and hard the more you know how HARD you have to work to get a decent grade. Also, take advantage of assignments if the course is not double pass (need t achieve 50% in exam overall to pass subject), as they will help you increase your marks without the stress of exams.

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