I am in my final year of highschool at the moment, and am at that point in the year when you start lodging applications for Uni and Colleges. I currently live in a town that is not really 'officially' considered as "rural" however a town only an hour from here is considered rural. Both of my parents work very hard (one is a business owner, while the other has had to retire due to health issues however still works hard at a small online business to help) however business can be really slow some months and so we do not have a lot of money and thus they receive a 'support allowance' for me from Centrelink. However, thankfully, we have no debt either - house is paid off, no credit card debt etc. Next year I will be moving to Brisbane (~5-6hr drive from where I live) to hopefully study at UQ, and I will be applying for youth allowance and working as many hours as I can while still being fully dedicated to my study to pay for college, while my parents have agreed to pay as much as they are currently paying for school right now for the first year (~3500). I am just now starting the college application process, and one of the questions on this online application is "What is your main source of income?", and while I will be working as much as possible to support myself, the combined income of what I make and what my parents contribute will be around the same (if not just under) what I would be getting from youth allowance. Hence - as much as I hate to say it - the government will be my main source of income. Obviously I am going to be honest about this on my application, but does it put me at a disadvantage for admission? I achieve fairly well academically (OP2-5), am willing to take on work as well as my studies, and will be applying for scholarships however I still feel as though it will instantly put me at a disadvantage before I even go any further with the application. I am applying for college now, however scholarships do not open till later in the year and thus it is possible that if I were able to get a scholarship I would not need youth allowance to pay for college. As of right now however, I will need it. I guess what I am trying to ask in this grammatical spaghetti is: How does being dependent (as it seems right now - may change if I am approved for a scholarship) on Youth Allowance to pay for some of the College fee affect your application to said college? Is it looked down upon? Are you put at a disadvantage?

Any help is greatly appreciated,