I know that the unis in NSW require an online account thing, and UNSW is the only uni that requires a written application part (i.e. the form that has the "why do you want to become a doctor etc." questions)
But do the interstate ones (I'm applying to university of Adelaide and Flinders university) also need some kind of account made or any documentations? It doesn't say so on their sites, so I guess that's a no? But I'm really paranoid and just need to confirm. This is mainly because I lodged an application to SATAC, but none of the universities sent me an auto-confirmation email of a successful application (the NSW universities sent them after I made an account and sent the online registration forms)

Aaaalso, how does the preference system work? So if I listed University of Adelaide med first, and flinders university second, does that mean that I won't get an offer for both (though university of adelaide would send an interview offer first)? That is, if I get an interview offer for uni of adelaide, will I not get an offer for flinders?

Thank you alls : )