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Thread: Bachelor or Science (International)??

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    Question Bachelor or Science (International)??

    Hey guys, I’ve just put in my uni preferences and I’ve decided to put a Bachelor of Science (international) at UNSW as my first preference although I’m still unsure whether I should just do a bachelor of science instead. I wanted to ask if anyone here is doing a science/international degree or has done one in the past and has found career opportunities specific to those qualifications. The degree mainly appeals to me because for one, the science subjects seem to be what I’m good at in year 11/12 and I know that I’m passionate about it and also the idea of travelling abroad to study and possible working overseas seems like a good experience. That said, I’m concerned about the course being an extra year long and having to study a language. I only speak English and haven’t learnt another language before. I’m worried that it will be too challenging or I’ll take too long to pick up another language. I also have no idea which country I would like to study in for the exchange part of the degree. Does anyone have any experience with this degree or a similar degree who has any advice for choosing what course I should do? Would you recommend the course? Were there any career opportunities you received that wouldn’t be possible with just a bachelor of science? I’d really appreciate some advice or personal experiences anyone could share.
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