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Thread: Dracula & interview with the vampire need desperate help

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    Question Dracula & interview with the vampire need desperate help

    Analyse the ways in which the enduring significance of Dracula is evident in the extract shown in this modern film. How have the original values and meanings embedded in the novel been represented in this new medium and context?

    seriously have no idea how to answer this. The extract is from Interview with The Vampire and it's the scene from when Claudia is changed and has her first 'feed' to when she is approached by a woman who thinks she is a lost child.

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    Re: Dracula & interview with the vampire need desperate help

    I think you should always ask your teacher to clarify the question if you have no idea how to go about it. You need to first decide on what is the enduring significance of Dracula-i.e. what are the original values and meanings that you see have changed/intensified in the extract or reinterpreted and how does that change our understanding of the main thematic concerns of Dracula-i.e. it is still relevant in contemporary times, and if so, why? Also if you were studying Dracula in its novel form, you should also consider whether the multi sensory experience that films bring add an extra dimension to the experience and understanding-i.e. because it accommodates young audiences in the contemporary era? Asking yourself these questions and breaking down the question into segments will help you get started on making a plan on what scenes you might want to choose to analyse and compare to go about the completion of this assessment task.

    Best of luck (P.S. I am not an expert in Gothic fiction so please don't ask me specific scenes you should talk about lol )But trust your intuition and interpretation and back it up with sufficient textual evidence and it will be quite hard for you to go wrong based on that

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