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Thread: Is Cafs good? (YR 11)

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    Is Cafs good? (YR 11)

    I dropped business studies to do Cafs and I have a few questions about Cafs.
    The subjects I do are: English standard 2U, General Maths 2U, Legal studies 2U, Modern History 2U, Society & Culture 2U.
    I’m planning to do Law at uni but I HAD to drop business studies because I was in a class were I felt super uncomfortable & I just knew I wouldn’t do well in business because of the environment I was in. So I chose Cafs. I might have made the worst decision EVER but I feel like if I do extremely well in Caf’s and I might get scaled better in Cafs than Business(?).
    Anyways I’ll have to do extremely well in all of my subjects because I’m pretty sure I will be scaled bad because i’am not doing any extention subjects.
    - will doing cafs help me at uni?
    - does cafs scale badly?
    - is cafs substantial to law?

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    Re: Is Cafs good? (YR 11)

    Haha I got a 95 in CAFS and in my opinion it was realllyyy easy but that was also good in a way as it was easy to do well in and study for. Honestly with all the pressure of the HSC sometimes it’s good to have a subject like that.

    Yeh it scales terribly, so if you’re serious about doing well you’ll have to ace it. But don’t stress too much about it, it’s not hard to get a high mark in CAFS, I did and still got 97 atar. In terms of your question about law sometimes you do learn about the different laws that affect families and communities (e.g surrogacy act) so it would be good if you’re interested in family law and stuff.

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