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  1. Im still kicking - I just realised the other day that Ive been doing this for 4.5 years now...
  2. fancy seeing you still here, after all these years!
  3. omgggg hahahahahaha i remember what you look like :P :P oh well, next time
  4. You were working. I was like - that looks a lot like Jnney and then I saw the nametag and I was like that has to be her. But I didnt want to say anything because you were working and I wasnt sure if you'd recognise me.
  5. omg where? you should have said hi ! i'm pretty alright
  6. Hey Jnney, I'm good yourself? I'm just hanging around pretty much at this hour. I think I may have spotted you the other day.
  7. Hey ! How are you ? And what are you doing up this late hour?!
  8. I do believe now that different views allow broader insight, therefore better understanding of some issues.

    Thank you for your encouragements and compliments, it means something to me.

    I'm going to sleep now, good night !
  9. It's all good - it's good to get our collective opinions out there. As I have said before, I think you post a lot of great stuff with regards to dealing with stress and self-management. The issue I am most passionate about on BoS is dealing with the emotional/mental aspects of the HSC and I think you offer a tonne of great advice in this area.
  10. Haha, coolbeans :P
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