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  1. yeah man maybe someday we'll be cool again.
  2. I do think forums have a lot to offer and I dont necessarily believe that they have been superseded by superior platforms (it isnt like DVDs and VCRs). As you said, the concept of community tied into the anonymity of a forum is something you just dont get elsewhere. Unfortunately, the diversification of social media has kind of drowned forums out. Forums just arent fashionable anymore, they are seen as being for niche topics and older people.

    That being said, as with all old technologies, the hipsters will at some point make it cool again.
  3. i figured that is it. i think a lot of web 1.0 communities such as this have been consolidated into large, web 2.0 aggregators like social media sites, reddit, etc. it's actually kind of unfortunate because with that aggregation has meant a lot of things have been lost - such as more individualised communities, greater site community feel, etc. also vB offers a better browsing experience than the fairly primitive board system sites like reddit use. its a case of 'progress' not necessarily leading to better things, and actually accompanying a loss of features
  4. Lot's of things - to be honest, I think a large reason is changes to the internet. Forums just arent cool anymore and most people use FB etc.
  5. what happened to this place man

    its like something out of deliverance these days
  6. Hey
  7. hey
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