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  1. Hi Trebla,

    Thank for you looking over these previous messages.

  2. Multimedia is a focus area of the Industrial Technology HSC course, not a HSC course in its own right. Therefore, anything to do with multimedia should be in the Industrial Technology forum.
  3. Hi Trebla,

    Multimedia is a IT (Industrial Technology) subject, and i am just having some trouble finding some ideas for a madjor project so therefore i would like to ask students who have already completed Multi Media for some tips/ideas

    Thanks Mail01
  4. Hi Mail01,

    Could you explain why a sub-section called "Mutimedia" is needed? I do not see a HSC subject being called this.

  5. Hi There Tebla.

    I was just wondering wether you would be able to add a sub section called Multi Media in the section

    Thanks in advance Mail01
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