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    ohh hai yur a 2010er too Hi-5!

    Wat subs?
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    ohh lol nws

    Yeah thanx im gwd. Pretty bored + unmotivated atm.. how yu going?
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    Haha don't worry- I can be nice sometimes... If you're lucky...
    I so wish I was going as well with my History Extension stuff as you seem to be with your English! I'm still writing my essay, but I'm finding myself very easily distracted. For example, right now. And I sometimes realise I haven't typed a single word for five minutes because I've preferred to sing along to Jack Johnson (his songs are so relaxing...) I'll knuckle down and finish soon enough though. I hope.
    I hope your holidays are going better than mine!
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    A games addict? I think not! I just enjoy shooting strangers with a laser gun
    Wow your holidays sound like they're going to be relaxing. I'm quite disappointed cause I'm going to have to do 5 assignments and TONNES of homework. But then I'm going to Brisbane briefly, and maybe somewhere after that with my family so that makes it a bit more bearable to think about. I still have to survive another week of school first though (stupid 11 week term... AHHH!!!)
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    I'm finally replying!
    The Ancient History study days weren't actually too bad. A couple of the lectures were SUPER boring, but the trip itself was quite entertaining. Me and a couple of friends went completely crazy which made it even better. And we went to laser skirmish twice (only one guy from my school beat me both times... but I maintain that it was because he was taking his anger out on strangers... I'll show him up eventually... I hope...)
    How've you been? Looking forward to the holidays? Cause I certainly am!
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    Gap years are good. My best mate's fiance took one and he basically saved a house deposit in 15 months picking mushrooms and driving a forklift. Now he's at uni doing urban planning.

    Don't go to uni and do something you hate.
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    Ahaha. I never considered a gap year as i knew what i wanted to do career wise. Plus, the 4 months or so between end of HSC exams and start of uni was plenty of time for me to bludge XD

    Yep, i'll PM my msn addy to you right now
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    Haha just cause I seem like an "intelligent young woman" does not mean I am. The internet can be very deceiving...
    It surprisingly IS a bit of consolation that other people waste their free lessons. I'm so terribly lazy that I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow morning instead of going to school just to sit in the library and do nothing. Gosh I love having my P's.
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    I go to Murdoch in Perth. Its not Go8 or anything, but it was the only uni bar Notre Dame that would let me combine my weird combination of degrees (I am the only person in the uni that studies that combination, how special am I?)

    I still have no idea what got me interested in HRM in the first place
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    My rather amusing comment? Holy frick I cannot remember what I said. Oops.
    I'm quite annoyed at the moment cause my mum and sister convinced me to register for the UMAT test. Personally I don't think it's worth it because I'm still unsure what I want to do and I'm not really willing to study for it or do the practice tests... Stupid tests and exams!! Relaxing is so much better. Which is why I'm bludging at the moment instead of using my free lessons wisely.
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