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Thread: Medical School Admissions Interview Tutoring

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    Medical School Admissions Interview Tutoring

    My name is Darren and I am currently a first year medical student at the University of Sydney (#1 Medical School in Australia). Despite having a low GPA and barely making the cutoff with GAMSAT, I was offered interviews at USYD and UoW medical schools and was successful in my applications. I credit this to my performance in the interview.
    Now I wish to share what I know with you. I will go through typical medical school style questions with you, but unlike other training programs, this won't just be me spoon feeding you model answers. I will work with you to mould your own personal answers in ways which highlight and emphasise what the interviewer is looking for. Not only that, I will also work with you to improve your interview technique, what to do when you're faced with a question you've never seen before, what to do if you blank, etc.
    With tonnes of practice questions floating online, everyone you will be competing against will essentially know the questions that will be asked. In order to stand out from them, I will help develop your subcommunication as well, which will separate you from everyone else.
    Don't fall into the trap of thinking that 'winging it' will be enough. You are competing against some incredibly talented people. Give yourself every advantage you can.

    I offer 1 on 1 as well as group training and provide this service for almost any university offering medicine. Everything will be covered from how to tackle the questions, subcommunication, dressing, grooming, etiquette, entrance, etc. I also help students identify what the interviewer is looking for with the different question types and provide personal feedback. I believe that the best way to handle the interview questions is not by being a mindless robot who recites model answers, but by being the best version of you you can be. Interviewers can tell when you’re merely reciting model answers and if they are intimidating (like the person I had), it will be hard to remember the model answers and you will stumble and be found out. Therefore, the focus will be on polishing your own answers so that you still tick all their boxes, but come off as a regular human being, which is what a good doctor should be.
    In terms of cost, it will be provided upon request. Location will be at the university of Sydney Camperdown campus or a place of your choice (subject to distance and availability).

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    Re: Medical School Admissions Interview Tutoring

    Do you have any tips for writing a good portfolio?

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