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  • Jennifer Lopez Gets a little Plump

    As a star with many focuses of debate all the way, Jennifer Lopez was actually got a hard life at the young age, said in the August issue of W magazine that she was homeless before her big break in 1991. Her success today is what she paid for no matter what and how, she surpassed the rough time.

    The ages marked on her ruthlessly, seeing this picture, Jennifer Lopez took a beige bag, the trench coat with a belt revealed her plump figure of top, smoking is not good at all.

    Figure Return of Hilary Duff

    After the birth of baby, good return of Hilary Duff's figure to gentle and graceful, wearing tight leggings in booties, featured with blond hair, black tote bag of Hilary Duff made a contrast with golden elements and embossed block, she looks even more confident, sends out a mature sexy beauty of being a mother.
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