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Recent content by 123 lola5

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    question about tvet

    Hey everyone im thinking of doing a tvet as one of subjects next year. Im worried about Missing school classes though. I believe I would have it on tuesday 1.30-5.30 Do you have other classes on in this time slot or do they design your timetable So that you don't have any other classes at...
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    help can I do well

    Can I do well with these subjects English advanced Society and culture Community and family studies Studies of religion 2 Business studies Be honest please
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    scaling questions

    1 does business services scale well 2 can you do well with community and family studies 3does cafs scale really poorly 4 can you rank cafs general maths earth and environmental and business studies 1 being scales best 4 scales worst 5 is earth and environmentalscience hard Thanks :-)
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    help help picking subjects

    Hi guys Im in year 10 and I have to pick my subjects soon and I need help I know im doing Advanced english Society and culture Studies of religion 2 Childrens services tvet Community and family Then for my final subject I need help - I was going to do general maths but I have decided...