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    Secret to achieving 95+ in pdh???

    Hey, I just achieved an external mark of 99 in PDHPE, and my assessment mark was 94 ... Which made for a HSC mark of 97, which I was stoked with! The exam itself wasn't particularly difficult. The main thing with PE is just KNOWING YOUR SYLLABUS. Know the dot points backwards. There are...
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    Section III - Personality

    I thought (a) wasnt too bad, nor was it long for a 10 mark Q. My opinion though!
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    Estimated Marks

    I'm guessing ... 23/25 for Pompeii and Herculaneum - Not bad questions, the last bit on Excavations might be where I lose some marks 20/25 for Sparta - I could NOT for the life of me remember what a syssitia was!! 24/25 for Hatshepsut - I felt these were the easiest questions. 22/25...
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    So, who's finished?

    Hey I finished on Thursday ... And I agree, its like the ultimate anti climax. I've managed to slip back into laziness mode sooo easily. Still feels great to be done, well done everyone!
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    Can I be the first to say...

    Thanks for coming. Nah well thats overconfidence. The Q on the Building Healthy Public Policy had me stumped for a while!! It didnt actually say that it had to be in effect did it? Like, could you have said for Cancer that banning smoking would be an example? I said for Injury some...
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    definitions of conditioning and tapering???

    Tapering is basically where the athlete 'eases off' the training in the days leading up to an event, so as to be in peak physical fitness for the event. Kind of what I am doing regarding studying right now... Conditioning, as in in a training session, refers to 'conditioning' the body; that...
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    The great rhetra..what exactly is it?

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    The great rhetra..what exactly is it?

    Yeah if not too late just to add to this, the Great Rhetra was the system of Government, created by Lycurgus. Its primary purpose was a militaristic Spartan society, highly geared to war. However, keep in mind that it was a gradual process, and that Sparta didn't become a militaristic state...
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    Pharaoh Summary

    "Her arrow was amongst the Northerners,"
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    Pharaoh Summary

    Re: Hatshepsut Summary Thanks alot angel!! Thats a great help!
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    Hatshepsut discussion

    Maybe learn them then Cohenius? Haha, someone likes you. Hey Cohen, he's smart. Thats the difference!! Good luck on Thursday mate, cya there.
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    Hatshepsut discussion

    Re: hatchepsut - 'evil stepmother' Pwar, read Chapter 11 of the book by Jennifer Lawless (Sorry, forgotten the name). It is the chapter on Akenhaten, and it makes mention of the possibility of his defacing the monuments and inscriptions in order to promote his new god, the Aten. There is...
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    anyone else SCREWEDDD for HSC EXAM ancient history?

    Agreed, Ancient is sooo hard to cram. Its one of not many subjects in which I've actually paid alot of attention in class, so that makes it slightly easier. In no way do I wish it were like maths though!! Lets just hope they ask an essay question on the Hyksos, Hatshepsut question on...
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    any hints/clues for potential questions in HSC - there must be someone!!!

    I dont think Jakarta Declaration will be a major topic in the exam. Maybe a MC or something, but not an essay. I agree, I think the Ottawa Charters could well be in it - easy marks - as it is a fairly broad topic. I think maybe a question on the Learning Environment for the larger...
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    I need some help with New Kingdom Egypt!

    Congratulations man :)