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    Canadian in Macleay

    the one year is mad.. coz u come out with a diploma.. i did advertising.. then i carried on this year doin a degree.. so a degree in 2 years isnt bad at all eh! :)
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    hello.. no one has replied to ur thread so i thoght i'd be nice.. i am doin a course at SCU but not at a campus.. well in a little class of 30 in sydney =) kind of externally, hard to explain!
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    SCU Coffs!

    wat r u ppl doin at scu? im doin a course at scu externally..
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    Macleay College 2006

    Hey Slip Where U Been Lately? How U Finding It"?
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    yeh i been there... itz mad!
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    me too lengy...
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    haha yeh shark bar is our hang out between uni classes :P
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    hmmm if u hadnt realised... home and subbies as its called on friday nights, is a place for pill poppin hobos to get high.. no one really cares for the music as there all off their face.... and dance like crazy with glowsticks thats probably why u didnt like it.. congrats for u for going in...
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    Retail vs Coffee

    ive worked in coffee for 4 years now. someone shoot me, or get me outta there! lol,i got a group interview for myer in a few days.. fingers crossed!
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    Coles Myer Group Interviews

    i got a groupinterview on the 31st :p
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    coles myer

    I applied on sunday, and on monday arvo i got an email to do the online tests.. i did them, and today (wednesday i think) i got an email to come to a group interview on tuesday 31st Jan. im scared! lol im good at customer service and that coz ive worked at cafes, and gloria jeans for a few...
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    Southern Cross Lismore: Ba of Media

    ah ok.. mayb we can help each other out on them heheheh
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    i did wish u a merry xmas. on 15 Jan 2006, 10:53 PM so :eek:
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    Southern Cross Lismore: Ba of Media

    haha,.. glad i dnt have to go to lismore!! the only subjects i do are: foundation in media studies international media studies media and new technologies entertaining journalism communcation and culture professional placement film studies ways of knowing australia/asia borderlands...
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    Southern Cross Lismore: Ba of Media

    I'm doing the BA arts, media & communication course this year at SCU.. i got in automatically thru Completing a Diploma in Advertising at Macleay College.. they have a small campus in sydney, well actually its within macleay college, in the american express building in the city.. Its a...