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Ahmad Shah Idil
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  • Hey Ahmad, just wanted to say thank you so much for letting others access your HSC science notes (Chem for me :) ). I learned everything at home myself because my teachers weren't great, and your notes helped an incredible amount!

    I'm studying Advanced Science this year at uni and Biology is a prereq for one of my junior units, however I didn't take HSC Bio. I was going to look back on your notes and study before the course starts, but your website doesn't work anymore D: Have you taken your notes down?
    Hi, do you have preliminary biology practical notes?
    And also chemistry and physics notes?
    If you have, please pm me thanks ........ ^^
    hi can u please send me your biology practical notes on the effect of carbon dioxide on water please.
    u were the school captain at my school thanks

    my email: tbaradaran1993@hotmail.com
    i would you have any sor notes? if you do could you please email them to viviann@y7mail.com thanks !
    hey Ahmad shah do you have Physics notes ? If you do can u please send to : honeyboy_pogo16@hotmail.com
    Thanks :)
    Can you please send me your notes for any of these subjects:
    physics, biology, economics, 3 unit maths, standard English, 1unit SoR
    for prelim and hsc

    Thanks, my email is datdean3000@hotmail.com
    i don't know if you're going to read this or anything, but just in case you do -
    I'd just like to let you know how (and thankyou for) how helpful your biology notes are for me in the writing of my own notes for the 2009 HSC. To assist for the dot points my teacher missed, or skimmed over, and just in general for the solid structure and detail your notes contain, has been invaluble.
    So, from a total stranger who has been greatly assisted, thankyou, and goodluck in all your future ventures (uni etc)
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