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    Less of a shock than 2 unit

    It was alright but less of a shock than 2 unit. I reckon it was suppose to be a hard test but the BOS received topo many complaints from the 2 unit paper so they changed
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    Question 3 c

    Did we need to use binomial probability?
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    How did you three unit guys find the 2 unit exam?

    I do three unit and I found the 2 unit pretty hard..i mean it was alright but some kiiller questions. Did you 3 unit guys find it hard too?? Do you also think the three unit would be fucked up like this one?
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    wtf is vocation

    The word vocation is actually in the geo syllabus so it is important to refer to the syllabus in preparation for any hsc exam. Anything not in the syallbus will not be asked in the hsc.
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    Multiple choice section

    I put photo 3- was it the building? Smallest scale means that 1 cm represents the smallest area. Anyway, I get really confused with scales. What was the answer to the question where we had to calculate the time taken to travel that distance?
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    wtf is vocation

    I did have an idea about the vocation stuff coz I always refer to the geo syllabus. Coz every question in the HSC for any exam is syllabus based. But last night I just didn't read through it in detail because I thought they wouldn't ask it
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    geo hsc 2003

    Hi Doa, The short answer was a bit tought too I thought. The eassys I wrote 18 pages altogheter.
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    wtf is vocation

    My vocation was 'marine biologist' and I examined the lake (can't remember the name) in the SW quadrant. I said I would do primary research of water testing to check the quality of the water and taking photographs of the area. This should be a correct respionse right? What did you write for that?
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    We had a bomb scare!!

    Which school was that?
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    How many speeches did you do for module B?

    I did three. I was so happy they did not specify a speech becuase I only knew 3 of them. I did: - No evil can happen to a good man - Gettyburg's Address and - I have a dream
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    Yesterday English

    hi polo sport, i wrote about how the composers portray change...imagery,metaphor etc.