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  • Hey man university is okay, I am still considering my transfer path to commerce/law. My current course isn't that great! How about you are you finding law @ USYD great??? Enjoy your holidays and best of luck for Mid-Sem!! This is like doing HSC again lool~
    Or alternatively, if no postgrad med..
    I might consider doing a JD lol, but we'll see what happens. I'm quite confident I'd have the marks to do so, but after 3 years of life and more experiences we'll see where my passion takes me.
    no worries haha!
    I noticed I also gave you your 7th green bar :), happy to do so.

    thanks! This year I'm doing Advanced Science @ UWS with aspirations of obtaining a first year transfer into the Medicine program there.. tbh I was quite swayed by there scholarship and leadership opportunities - but more so the ability to transfer into med. If I'm unsuccessful I'll be going for Postgrad med, believing that I can obtain a really good GPA at UWS then perhaps if I were to have chosen my other option of Med Sci @ UNSW.
    I'm not too sure If i'm going to be doing law or JD. Still contemplating if it's right for me or not, I'm still trying to find that passion for law.

    I may do international b/law in 2nd year :)... Who knows, Depends if I get the marks :)
    Do you have msn, if so you could private message me your email and we can talk through MSN? I hate talking through BOS, it's a hassle and I can show you my timetable as well.
    Hey, yeah it was a last minute decision. As cliched and contrived as it sounds, my heart was telling me to do International Studies/Law. I saw some of the content in Comm/Law and it didn't seem appropriate for me so I changed back.

    How come USYD wont let you change? :O

    YES! Djokovic played an awesome three setter. He's so flexible and it pisses me off cos he has excellent court coverage -_-". That said, I was kind of cheering on Ferrer, cos if Djokovic got out, Federer has a greater chance in winning another slam. He's getting old, he needs one more before retiring haha!

    Pretty pumped for Nadal and Fed 2mrw. I hope the maestro will make it to the Final. Nadal can stick to clay court. Roland Garros is his LOL.
    Yeah, but that kid was a freak.
    He recorded his notes and would listen to them on the bus/train to and from school every day and other stuff.
    Fuck, that's brilliant.
    Yeah, our school was fucked when he left.
    I think we got like 1 or 2 this year and the class was probs smarter too.
    Hey man i got into international studies (international business) at unsw! congrats dude, you deserve it so much also!! combined law omg you beast!
    I only had him in year 10 history.
    I'm pretty sure the two classes he had contained the top 20 kids. :haha:
    And apparently his last legal studies class here had the most band 6 % of any class of something (I don't know, I'm a science guy).
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