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  • Hi :) thank you for the reply...it was really helpful. Oh thats really interesting. Yes, we have something similar to your PAL at our university. They call it PASS and it runs for both commerce and law degrees...not all units but some e.g. for law, they offer it for torts and criminal law and for commerce, its offered for the core units. Yeah, I hear the commerce degree at Macqauarie is really good, hence why I want to transfer haha. Its not that UWS is bad or anything, but I guess in terms of job prospects, other unis seem to be more up there. Its really awesome how your uni has law lectures. See for our law courses, we dont have any lectures whatsoever. We have seminars which go for 3 hours for each law subject. I wish we had law lectures. I know with my experience with the commerce degree, I get more useful information out of the lectures than I do with the tutorials. Is the law course theory or practical based?
    Thank you :)
    hello :)
    sorry to bother you, but i realised you do a commerce/law degree at Macquarie University.
    I currently do a commece (majoring in applied finance)/law at uws and I was wondering if it would be worth transferring to Macquarie Uni. How's the comm/law degree there?
    Thank you :)
    Hey, just wanna know which accounting firm did you work as a cadet?

    Im really interested in being a cadet, doing an accounting degree at Macquarie at the moment.
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