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    Crime: Cases on discretion

    Does anyone know of any good cases that can be used for a crime essay on discretion , specificially the criminal investigation process or sentencing and punichment. I would really appreciate it.
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    Does anyone know any good english tutors for Year 12 in the hurstville/ sutherland shire area? I would really appreciate any suggestions.
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    I'm looking into a few places so thankyou for the suggestions. In your opinion what was bad about Matrix?
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    Does anyone know if Adv Maths and Chemistry is any good at Matrix in general, or specifically at Hurstville?
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    Is it possible get a 99 Atar ???

    I've heard that it's almost impossible to acheive an atar of 99+ without at least extension 1 maths. Is this true? The subjects I am currently taking are Maths Adv, English Adv, Chemistry, Biology and Legal Studies. Is it possible to get a 99+ with these subjects?
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    2020 HSC subject scaling

    Thanks everyone, I'm tossing up over PDHPE and legal studies. I get similar marks in both so I'm not sure yet which will be better to drop.
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    2020 HSC subject scaling

    I am in year 11 at the moment and have to drop a subject at the end of the year. Obviously scaling isn't a big deal if you do well but could someone tell me a general idea of what scales best to worst out of my subjects: Advanced math Advanced English Biology PDHPE Legal Studies...