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Recent content by angel_eyes870

  1. A

    So what did everyone think of it??

    i didn't think it was that bad...it wasn't great either tho Much preferred ancient.... all questions good except for peronality...i had nothing lol....i just babbled then realised after that i should probably have discussed mroe historians views... darn it lol I actually only wrote about 5...
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    Why was Spartan women 10 marks?

    I made sure i distingshed between the three different classes of women and how they were significant becuase they allowed the spartan society to function, it was their involvment in handing of the children etc. to the agoge. Periokoi and Helot women were integral to the society as they allowed...
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    Your thoughts on the exam

    Thought it actually pretty awesome. Glad everyone found the food question hard in the first section - it was a bit of a bummer - Alexander through me threw a bit of a loop on the first one so i just garbled about stuff - teacher said it sounded like i would of got some marks for it Sparta was...
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    General Thoughts: English Adv. Paper 2 (Modules)

    Wow that so glad thats over :) however, i'm still smiling because that has got to be the best bloody english exam i've ever done, my prepared essays fit so so good!!! Scored 3 essays!!! yes!!!! and they didn't specify a speech in module A!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO
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    does Gen. Math effect UAI

    Hi, can anyone tell me if General math really drags you're UAI down? i do well in all my other subjects, and i'm also first in General. Does the Scaling mean that even if i go really well in General i will get a crappy UAI? I can't seem to get a straight answer, any ideas would be much...