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    360 or wii?

    i have both also, wii got as a present and unfortunatly cant sell it. collecting dust since day 7 =] 360 i had to buy myself and best console out there. pc still rocks any console, but highly advise on the 360...
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    Creative Vision:M

    Ive had a creative vision M before they came out here. I bought it from hong Kong unfortunatly it was a dud model and broke 5 days later (well i was a bit dissapointed but i accepted not all are 100%) got it replaced and have had the second one now for about 14 months give or take. The music...
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    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    no, i am not joking. ive seen the difference from a very skilled perspective. If your an everyday type user sure go for the cheap stuff.
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    Decreasing demand for IT employees?

    The best starting point in any IT career is helpdesk. There is alot of demand as people constantly leave after doing their bit and upgrading their job. Ive been at CSC for 7 months now and i still love it, i just got a second PC on my desk to do level 2 support :) i got employed at CSC as an...
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    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    The only Laptop that is quality is a HP. Ask my CCNP mother.
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    sigur ros anyone?

    pretty over it alot of repetivness, i prefer more unknown
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    Internet Explorer 7

    i use IE7 at home and IE6 at work. i prefer IE6 but im used to IE7 now so no complaints really Firefox hogs up memory etc, if you know how to protect your pc IE is fine ive never contracted anything in the past few years, only if its been deliberitly downloaded from limewire etc
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    360 or wii?

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    Xbox360... will it drop in price? Worth buying?

    XBOX 360 i LOVE it and owns all other consoles, my Wii has been sitting collecting dust for over 5 months now the bonus is its microsoft so it doubles as a second PC with improvements microsoft makes the latest being MSN on xbox
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    Game you played the most on a system

    GB : pokemon red/blue PC : Age of empires 2 age of kings followed by quake 3 arena PSP : syphon filter dark mirror
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    recommed me a 360 game

    crackdown, viva pinata, PGR3
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    Rent Pricing

    anyone know the going rate around cronulla for a 1 (pref2) bed flat?
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    skating/blading/ice skating

    i said i blade not iceskate... i dont know that stats on skate rinks now, but i know the 3 i went to are gone... woonoona, caringbah & cambelltown..
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    skating/blading/ice skating

    anyone noticed like every joint has closed down now :( ive been blading for 13 years now... im so pissed off i cant go down for a skate anymore. apparently now there is some 7 ice skating rinks left in australia. damn stop suing the joints!!! and they wonder why we are getting fatter
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    Cover letters - make or break?

    the first job i ever went for i got.. it was full time too. the cover letter makes a difference, next then is the first phone call