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  • Well... you never know. Lecturing could be fun, fun, fun!

    Me? No idea. A nice job that pays well - as always. I'm not really too fussed about the job side of life right now, to be honest.
    Ohh... so that's why.

    And oh okay, that's good - that, interesting lectures, is probably what should happen if you chose your subjects... and not follow a plan like me =P
    Ester... as in, those chemicals that smell like fruits. Didn't you do HSC Chemistry? It was in that.

    Also... yes. I got this bored. Since we're continuing on with sets today... I shall count again! =P
    Chemistry is awesome! I was hooked when I got the ester prac... that was awesome!

    But yeah, sets are covered... lost. I counted how many times my lecturer said 'set' in Discrete today: 182 times not including the first five minutes.
    Physics... I would've done it but I prefer chemistry myself =P

    Something about 4 hour labs and weird and wonderful chemicals.

    Though discrete... is looking horrible. If I hear the word 'set' one more time <_<
    Well... yeah, I think I have to start conceding they'll never release the marks.. <_<

    Though you're loving uni so far this sem? That's good. I had a lecturer who repeated the word 'set' about 800 times in one hour today... I wanted to cry. Ah well. Discrete maths for you!
    I got 79... whatever happened, it dragged my WAM down.

    I'm waiting to see the break-up in scores so I can see where I lost marks.
    Yeah, us people who liked creative writing loved it. I liked mine because I just mocked SCIF in all its 1999 words =P

    By the way, you can get SCIF marks now on myUNSW.
    Ohhh, the 'Biography of a Classmate'... right. I thought you meant Prospective Biography!

    Ah well. We better get our marks soon!
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