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  • ITZ ME OCEANGIRL31 LOGGED INTO MY FRIENDS ACCOUNT i am at her house and shez logged in
    wow itz been 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am having a fantastically long hol uni doesnt start till march!!!!!!!
    ........ur luck must have worked cause i got the atar near enough to what i wanted
    94.something almmmost 95
    how have u been?
    how was ur holidays?

    oh here comes magestic angel to reclaim catch up with u later
    lol.. i totally have the same guy preference as u
    i am also kinda partial to deep blue eyes
    maths exam urgh...good luck:0
    my exams r over yay!!!!!!wooohooo schools out!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i did alright still a bit iffy on biz studies though
    i get results on the 16th wiish me luck
    omg hi itz good 2 hear from u i can`t believe no one else agrees
    a) hate rob pat.
    b) love alice in twilight. she is the best
    it is sooo obvious lol have u catched the vampire diaries on tv?
    stephens pretty cute in it (better than rob patterson)and daymon is hott
    awww ur dropping legal but good ur dropping it now b4 u have 2 do any more work in it smart move:)of course i will help u in english anytime:) i believe in helping any one 2 get through this nightmere hsc
    (sorry i`m a little melodratic i am sitting my 1st exam next tuesday aaaaargh) talk 2 u soon
    yess love edward cullen:)
    not rob patterson ugh
    but still the movie is ok
    i reckon they depicted alice excellent!!!!!!!!
    we have legal in common gr8 any info u need just ask as soon as my laptop is fixed i`ll send u it
    good to hear from u
    hey long time no talk lol
    here r my subs don`t remember if i already told u do we have any in common?
    adv eng ext eng bio business studies legal ft modern history
    hey np
    ha yes a fan of twilight (lol)
    i absolutely love edward in the bk and not so on the movie i agree a letdown for sure
    but the new director hopefully will make new moon gr8 (fingers crossed)
    so wat yr r u in ? wat did u think of the twilight soundtrack?
    Yeap :)
    most of the people i know who take economics also take business.
    seeing someone with the exact same subjects :) first time eva!

    OMG same especially physics..it's killing me...:(
    chem is lovely dovey
    legal also lovey dovey
    economics is interesting and enjoying it
    maths hmmm. manageable
    english pretty light work but we have had 2 assessments :)

    Yeap you got that right 10 periods of maths a fortnight for me :)

    assignments =no life :(

    yr 11 finding that i have no time to do the things i used to do
    Heyyy there babybluevamp !

    i noticed we have the exact same subject selections. OMGGGGG

    YAY someone with the exact subject selections. :spin:
    how is the workload?

    take caree
    i did 3u english in prelim but i dropped it. it was easier than advanced. i didnt like thetopic we were doing in yr 12.
    um...yeah yr 12 = STRESSFUL! mega stressful! haha
    hey that is so awesome! a roller-blading disco! :O haha well just grab on to your friend and you will get the hang of it after a while. Do u know how to rollerblade or ice-skate?

    my school studies are going really well :D i have 13 frees :) the workload is actually alright... i have 1 assignment so far.. wbu?

    i am enjoying all of my subjects as well which is also great!
    TOTALLY! >.<
    Yep, way worse! I'm suffering *cries*
    Yea, you get tired of doing homework all day. Oh that's a good girl ;) *pats on head*
    aww yay! they seem really nice, 'm glad you have joined their group =) are you serious? you have a camp?! is it for one subject or does the whole year go?? no =( unfortunately we don't have a camp nor a 80's disco dance!

    that is going to be so awesome!!! :D

    have fun! do you have a camp for year 12?
    aww babyblue i hope you get used to your new school fast. Changing schools takes some getting use to.

    I do see your point of being left out, but if you find some nice people they should allow you to join their group :)

    How was school last week?

    For me school is going great! :D i love all my classes, friends and teachers. The work is gradually piling up which i'm getting used to and the weather is horrible!

    Talk to you soon bb, :)
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