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Recent content by baka

  1. baka

    final exam mark

    is there any way of finding out the final exam mark for a unit? thanks
  2. baka

    Student group spent $500,000 without documents, audit finds

    hmm.. sorry to hijack but ive nver paid for the admin fee.. is that the reason why i cant access my uws mail?
  3. baka

    Has anyone done Intro to Info Systems?

    it should be ok if u did ipt in high school.. good luck.
  4. baka

    do we need permission to do units externally?

    hey guys, i am doing 3 subjects internally and 1 externally. I didnt ask anyone before i registered for the external subject. So my friend just told me i was suppose to get permission before i chose to do an external sub. otherwise they will not credit me upon completion of the unit. Can anyone...
  5. baka

    anybody study galbraith in business law?

    hi i just want to know if any students have studied his work/theories in particular "the dependence effect" i really need some info.... if anybody could help... that would be great. thanks.
  6. baka

    what happens if i dont hand in an essay worth 15%

    haha yeah that would be the obvious outcome. yeah true, i dont think i can even give half worth of work done. would i fail the unit if i dont give in the assignment?
  7. baka

    what happens if i dont hand in an essay worth 15%

    ..... fuck. im to scared to write in the discussion board.
  8. baka


    hi guys, i was just wondering what the process is to be expempted from a unit.? and is there a due date for applying for an exemptions? thanks
  9. baka

    micro tuts.. are they compulsary?

    in the unit outline it says students should endevour to attend all tuts/lecs.. does that mean its not compulsary all though its recc? in my other units, i have a percentage for attendance &/or all tuts compulsary.
  10. baka

    invoice q. student status "201"?

    on my invoice, it says my student status is 201 next to each subject. just before i ask tmr, does anybody know what that means? i checked the website for more info on fees but it didnt help much. Cheers.
  11. baka

    Intro to property - first week tuts?

    does anyone know if we have tuts for this sub in the first week? thanks!
  12. baka

    q. about buses to blacktown campus from the station

    thanks dodgy filo kid. ill catch that tmr! :D
  13. baka

    q. about buses to blacktown campus from the station

    really? thank u so much natstar. your a lifesaver!. i would have just gone directly to blacktown then. poop. are there any buses anywhere that will drop u off infront of the campus? thank u so much.
  14. baka

    Anyone studying Property @ Blacktown?

    I am. good luck this sem.
  15. baka

    q. about buses to blacktown campus from the station

    hi there. it says there is a shuttle bus from Blacktown station to the campus. does anybody know which bus # it is, how often it comes and where it is located? thanks guys! :D