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  • yeahh ill PM it too you...we can chat on Gmail shit or something? idk if it works, but its there...
    my school banned msn, grrrrr... LOL nahh we have "chemistry" LOL, he's my bitch in other words LOL
    im on the net for like another half hour
    LMAO.... i just drove:):) double free periods are AWESOME:):)
    im back at school now:( my mates going on a cruise for 10 days, i think im gonna have withdrawels coz he's my BESTEST friend EVER:):)
    hows school?
    ahahaha CAFS major is due on friday, havent started LOL oh well, its only woth 20% meh cbb with it...
    LMAO i knoww :) im supposed to be practising a speech for english now but i cbf... im so over school its shit... im gonna go now coz my boys are here, if they brought alco to school again today im gonna have to crack their heads together... russians and vodka....:(
    have a good day @ school,
    take care
    lex xx.
    LOL nahhh just ask rafy... he'll do it.. he banned me :) but i caved...i had to make a new account :):) its adddictive

    yeahh i requested a ban for myself... so i would focus on studies....

    but it didnt workk....:(
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