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    I got them on my shoulders from growing and also behind my knees (i know! wtf?) they generally fade after awhile
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    wait till the night before so its all freshly shoved in your head. ...i live in a gutter
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    Are checkouts that bad?

    hey this is my old thread woo! 2years old .. and once again im unemployed.. sad lol
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    What languages do you know?

    PHP VB PERL ... English
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    Real Estate Contracts

    Are you talking about leasing the property yourselves privately? Check out the department of fair trading real estate section. They have alot of information for both Landlords and Tenants
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    "Part-pay" rent?

    Hi there I use to be a property manager so this is how it looks to me.. Firstly the agent isnt really required to give you a reason as to why you have been rejected however the main reason would be either... - you havent demonstrated that you can pay rent - you dont look like a...
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    Anyone work in call centres?

    who do you get a job in a place like this?
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    GTA: San Andreas (10th June)

    You need a dvd rom to play it !! I tried to dload it but its almost 4gb... im just gunna buy a ps2.
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    Resignation from the worst store in history.

    biggles id hand it in lol, i walked away from Kmart feeling quite the same way, i asked for a reference but they 'dont do them' !!! They treated me like absolute shit when I was the youngest on that night. It was all to do with the new managers... Id been there over 2 years and they had been...
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    Dumb things you've done on P's

    ran a red light. Opps.
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    Coles at Gosford... anyone else get through?

    hey, i went for an interview on the 10th or 17th (i forget) .., I wanna get an offer at west gosford coles. I got an offer at woy woy but turned it down as i just left the same position they offered me.
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    rejecting a coles myer offer

    I got an offer to go back to my old job lmao like the exact same position! I emailed them and said i dont want it as I only just left the place and she said that it was fine and said "we all have choices" and said she'd email me when another position was avaliable.
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    Video Ezy

    I wanna work there, i love movies!
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    Group Inteview...

    Well that went well...... actually i really dont know... was easy apart from the fact that I could barely get a word in. All my ideas were said before i got a chance to say em and when i did get a chance i said something crap for the sake of speaking lol. Well anyway ill leave it in the hands...
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    Group Inteview...

    I know for a fact that the coles near me are short of staff so im hoping I am successful. If not, its no biggy cause ive just come out of a coles myer job so it will kinda be a relief. I just want money !