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  • I've basically only been fixing up notes up until this point, and I'm not even finished that. And I have two assignments to do these holidays + other work. It's all getting the way of study for trials! grrr. Our trials are weeks 3/4, wbu?
    lol awesome dude, at least you are first. Thanks, my results even surprised myself lol how did you go in the rest of your subs? Satisfied so far?
    Law, nice. What uni you looking at? I wanna do a Bachelor of Business and Commerce at UNCLE (unfortunately they don't offer B. Eco but I can major in macroeconomics :p)
    mm, by external stability they just mean the CAD and foreign debt and keeping those two at a sustainable level. the chapter that's called external stability in the riley book is basically just a recap of the BOP chapter, with some added stuff.
    welll, the way i studied for eco (i don't think i studied very effectively, but i got lucky this time), i did like 4-5 essay plans (just dot points) with all the stuff i thought we could possibly get tested on as an extended response question. my main problem with the rest of it was stats, so i kind of just imagined the type of questions i'd need stats for and only memorise a few. the rest was just reading. and there was a LOT of reading T_T".
    mmm, it actually wasn't too bad. i think. i hope o_O.
    the extended response was just a two part question on causes of the CAD and policies to maintain external stability. so yeah, pretty straightforward. (also, we only got one question, stupid teachers couldn't be bothered giving us a choice =.=) there were some dodgy multiple choice questions though which i'm not sure about =/ and i always make mistakes (silly or otherwise) in multiple choice so i probably failed that section ^^. oh and the short answer, there was like, a 4 mark question that was just about the advantages of the floating exchange rate compared to a fixed exchange rate which i thought was kind of weird O_O. i mean.. i didn't think it was a very major/important point, but yeah. overall, not too bad :D.
    how about you? how did your eco exam go?
    Qell good luck with it eco. I'm finding it soooo hard to start studying for damn Extension! It's only one more day and I'm free for three weeks! Stop bludging for just a little bit dammit! haha
    Eco was ok, few questions from the Case Study which I wasn't expecting (we already got 20% of our assessment mark from the Case Study, why more?) but I got through them ok. Extended response options were: effects of globalisation, exchange rates, and one about protection. I did the exchange rate question because I had made a practice essay on it. I remembered about 75% of it but had to rush the ending for it as I was running out of time :( Other than that I'm fairly certain I got at least 19/20 for multiple choice :p How did you find your eco exam?
    Mine are nearly all over (just Ext. History tomorrow, which I haven't started studying for yet...I'm in full holiday mode dammit). I'm pretty satisfied with how I think I went but I'm sure that will change when I find out how I really did lol. Our Math test are always pretty fair, moderate to easy start and middle, but always finish with a really tricky question that only one or two people ever get (get this and you're almost guaranteed first place lol). I don't think I got the hard one though :( At least 2/4 though, I'm fairly sure I started right. Anyway this is fairly off topic lol. Good luck with the rest of your exams.
    Yeah my half yearlies are same time as yours, but I only have one exam on Monday in Week 10, not sure if that's good or bad? lol. I don't actually mind the second topic, but my best friend (who I compete with in eco) is freaking out about it lol. Equal first? Congrats! Keep it up.
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