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Recent content by Blackalicious

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    What is ANU like with chemistry and psychology?

    Chem is awesome. The lecture's are down to earth and understanding and fantastic teachers. Mark Ellison in particular, that man is a God. In terms of research, i'm not sure but there should be quite a bit of infomation on the ANU chem website about research projects. But if you want to go into...
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    let's make a contact list for all new anu students!!

    Nathania At B&G browneyes_1414@hotmail.com
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    f*ckers didn't let me in

    no tuesday 5-7pm YUCK!
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    Moving in lalalalalala

    hehehehehe ive finished packing. yes go me uber organised nerd :p
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    Roll Call

    and all the maths and physics in the course...*shudder*:p
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    f*ckers didn't let me in

    congrats chelloveck :)
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    Provisional Med @ ANU

    98+ UAI and interview. And i think you only recieve notification after main round? The WAM required is lower at ANU but you have to sit the GAMSAT. no need for a further interview
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    The Da Vinci Code...THE MOVIE

    :( they always ruin books by turning them into movies But heck i'll see it anyway :D
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    I feel so dispondant...

    You dont sound arrogant or like a moron. :) I think the problem is your comparing yourself to others so it makes your achievements look like nothing. You got the course you wanted thats all that matters. .
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    f*ckers didn't let me in

    Did you read his post? Just because he was 0.05 below the cutoff does not mean he didnt "study hard and knuckle down"
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    Aceh Rebels, Tsunami, International Aid

    um ok seeing as this thread has gone to the dogs.... Can i ask some stupid questions? The one billion dollars pledged in aid to Indonesia, does it go directly to the gov? Does Australia oversee what they spend the money on? Is the aid currency or supplies? Because cant the indonesian gov...
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    Study - Combating Boredom and Techniques?

    Science subjects: Summarise dot points. then exam papers Maths: Practice practice practice English: summarise main ideas then practice essays. good luck this yr :)
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    10 days to catch up on all work?

    hahahaha i did exactly the same thing last year. Just plonk your butt down and study you still have time even if there isnt much.
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    so Who got in?

    Sci(psych)/Law at ANU ah so happy. :D :D
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    f*ckers didn't let me in

    Write a letter to the Asian studies/arts faculties and state the reasons why you want to do the course. Then as addymac said go in person and beg. The worst that could happen is you transfer after a semester on a credit/pass average. Keep ya chin up :)