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  • ah cool.. well its crunch time now, exams are looming. Feel prepared? haha
    What subjects are you enrolling in, for next sem?

    Sorry didn't see your message. No i'm not prepared at all. I've done pretty much nothing! You?
    I'm not really sure what to enrol in. I'm currently in psyc 1B and psyc2101, as well as "business and the law" and MGMT1002, but I think im gonna change business law to microeconomics 1 and I wanted to change MGMT1002 for "The marine environment" just cause it sounds cool, but I don't think science students are allowed to do it...

    The psych is quite interesting, commerce units are pretty dull though.
    Haven't been motivated to start any serious work yet... Probs not a good thing.
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