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Recent content by bos1234

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    50 credit points in one semester?

    ah kk. Whats your gpa atm? I think it only lets u select 5 subjects if you have gpa >5. When I click proceed it ays max allowed is 40 points ---------- I want to do 50 credit points but its 4 subjects. One subject is wowrth 20 credit points
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    50 credit points in one semester?

    Has anyone done 50 credit points or 5 subjects? If so how did you go about applying for it? Who did you have to speak to etc?
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    Learning Through Community Service

    Has anyone completed this course? And which cohort did you select? how difficult was it? Which campus did you do it at(pen or bankstown)? If you haven't heard of the course: Learning Through Community Service | University of Western Sydney (UWS)
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    Electrical or Telecommunication?

    lol both are equally hard man... telecom has almost exactly the same subjects as electric... Course scroll dowm a bit and click on electric and telecom.
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    ### Private tutoring for 2010 Year 12 NSW HSC Maths Ext 2 @ Strathfield

    nice to see a fellow HBHS graduate doing well! i graduated 07
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    Help on Extension Probability

    you can only pick numbenrs 3,4 from the first deck and in the second deck you can only pic numbres from 10-20 (inclusive) say you pick 3 next deck you pick 18 combingin the numbers =318 so, 2/10 x 11/20
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    engineering at UWS without HSC physics?

    yeah same thing happened to me i got 67 +5 but i didn't recieve the early round offer thing.. just the normal way
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    engineering at UWS without HSC physics?

    hahahaha true that
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    Semester 2 2008 Spring Results!

    my gpa is 4.750 out of 7 will they accept me into unsw? im doing engineering and i fnisnhed my first year
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    engineering at UWS without HSC physics?

    i do engineering 2nd year dont worry about the maths first semester maths is very easy u learn stuff like logs,complex numbres,matricies, differentiation.. its easy to learn if you haven't come across the topics.. and the qns are easy as well.. its just alot to learn in a short...
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    This is probably really dumb, but..

    yes its quite a stupid question
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    Your grammar is quite poor. Try and start your sentences with a capital letter. :)
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    exaggerating Learn to spell mate.