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  • egnlish is pretty bad, but i love ipt. business is ok. teacher is awesome though. :)
    Haha thanks for that xD

    btw, its not me just so you know :p
    just sigged it.

    But thanks for the rep tho :D
    Hey- saw your reply on one of the threads about policing so here I am. Just wondering if you could provide me with an email though so I could ask some questions regarding entry into the police force, since I rarely go onto bored of studies.
    Soz, for the late reply. Have been so busy of late.

    That's good to hear that all is well. Strange, our school done Databases as the last topic. Perhaps its changed this year slightly though. :S

    I do advise to read over your notes as early as possibly and keep going over the textbook. Also ask other BOSers and your teacher for help if you become stuck as they are your best resources. Take regular breaks and you'll be fine when compared to those who just cram the day before the exam.

    I hope that you have a nice holiday break and Christmas. Talk to you soon.
    Thanks for the rep. So how is IPT for you? Compared to D&T Multimedia, IPT was a bit boring in parts for me but still was a good technology subject. :) Much better than the other choices for that line.
    Hey, thanks for rep.
    Good luck in all your other subjects.
    Maths was terrible - hopefully it gets scaled up RIDICULOUSLY
    lol. At least it is not restricted for a 13 yr old to register. they let :)
    Awwww well you always have next year, but then you've come this far you might as well cram all you can. But really, i think you'll be fine.

    As with biology, i think you'll do well too! What are you aiming for in both subjects?
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