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  • Yeah it's about 8 hours or so. As far as I know all contracts start on the 13th, so everyone who arrives before then has to put themselves up somewhere for the night.
    I'm heading down on Feb 12 which is the day before my Ursies contract starts. Driving down with the rest of the family, so it'll be a long trip from Port Macquarie :(
    Well to be fair there's only been two working days since academic offers were made, so I wouldn't categorise them as very slow. Possibly in need of a bit more automation, but it will always take a few days to sort out all the offers.

    Johns does interviews, like many colleges at other unis. They're the most popular college at ANU I believe, so they have to be a bit more selective.
    Film studies, sounds good.

    And yeah, it seems there's like 3 people on BOS who have got their ANU accommodation all sorted :(
    BTW what do you plan to do on the Arts side? I'm planning on Pol Science and International Relations.
    Arts/Law, I know too many Arts/Law students :p

    Arts/Science myself, but I'm thinking about switching to Arts/IT.
    I see you're going to ANU, which degree are you doing? Good luck with learning to cook at Fenner!
    saw you viewing gibbs profile lol. yeah the critical of ext was good but the creative was shitttttt, didnt finish so ill probably get like 35/50 now :(
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