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  • No, I've done what you did. Poor time management and very, very stupid mistakes and errors on my tests. Stuff I realised as soon as I walked out. I'm thinking all rounders is out for me, but 95+ still fleeting if I can smash externals.
    Hmm. Can you bake me a big cake? :)

    "I think I've seen your picture somewhere before. Oh yeah, that's right. It was in the dictionary next to 'KABLAM!'"

    Yeah it's pretty good. Nice to be back (i'm crazy rite). How about you?
    Dw bby, you can thank me in other ways :p

    I'm gonna make a Fresh Prince of Bel Air group soon!! (if you haven't watched it then don't if you wanna save your HSC)
    haha no worries :) stereotypical? Yes, but true, very true. I have so many asian friends who all experience the same sort of pressure from their parents to get top grades in everything. I guess sometimes parents' expectations can be a little hard to reach for some students but i dont really think its a bad thing for parents to pressure their kids (to a certain extent lol). Its just generally a cool avatar! :D
    I see, youre going to complete your hsc this year! Good luck.
    Haha yeh i shall reveal that in a pm. (though like half the people on here know already haha)
    And yeh, dw. I was jokinggggggggg. You were just being sociable. That's cool.
    Haha gud gud. Holidays couldn't have come at a better time ikr. Though looking at all the work i have to do, 6 weeks isn't enough!! :L
    (lol before i noticed you were adding people randomly so i just decided to give you a taste of your own medicine :p)
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