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  • do you have an email i could talk to you on for privacy? id like to talk about legal studies if thats okay
    hey :) thanks for letting me know! i cleared my inbox just then. I'll reply here for ur last message though :)

    In terms of the music i admire how you're thinking out of the box. I guess there isn't really a loss in including it but i feel in terms of the whole globalisation line for that paragraph, there are stronger points and as i said, you could spend that time exploring other ideas alongside the ones you have rather than building up already strong points with less strong ones. I'm just as convinced the music itself reflects that particular theme as much as other things in the film do.

    Ah ok :) in terms of the mis-edit does that mean you had another paragraph? If that is the case do you mind PMing it through so i can have a look at it? :) after that i might give you a mark range though i would say you're sitting on a 13 so far
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